Tiêu âm Artnovion Andrea

Thiết bị âm học
3.100.000 ₫
Kích thước:

Acoustic Class A (αw ) = 1,0
An absorber designed for optimal performance.

Andrea is available in 10 standard colours, plus customised choices on demand.

Absorption range: 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
Acoustic Class: A
Absorption coefficient (αw) = 1,0

(FG) - Furniture Grade composition
Fabric Finish ( available in 9 colours )
& core made from Polyurethane foam

(FR+) - Improved Fire Retardant composition
Fabric FR ( 21 Colours available )
& core made from Polyurethane foam

@ Andrea Absorber*
FG: 595x595x73mm 
FR+: 595x595x73mm 

@ Andrea Dimi Absorber*
FG: 595x298x61mm 
FR+: 595x298x61mm 

*Size guaranteed due
the internal structure frame.

@ Andrea Dimi Velvet - Absorber

Andrea Absorber

Andrea is a very efficient absorber designed using a patented Artnovion technique. Andrea excels at controlling first reflections, and is suited to treat a broadband range of frequencies. Andrea is a class A product, with an absorption value of 1αw, that guarantees an outstanding performance. Manufactured with premium materials and carefully wrapped with acoustic fabric.