Tán âm Artnovion Yaya

Thiết bị âm học
9.600.000 ₫
Kích thước:

New approach technology for mid and high frequency diffusion.

Jaya can be used on the front, back, or side walls of your room, as well as ceilings. 

Scattering begins at 600 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up to 6000 Hz

2D - Geometric Diffuser

(FG) - Furniture Grade composition
Wood Finish ( available in 12 colours )

Dimensions: 595x595x145mm

Artnovion Fixing Systems:
FixArt range brings versatile solutions for panel mounting. 

Integrated Fixing system:
Designed to keep your walls intact, providing a sturdy alternative to glueing panels to your walls. Perfect for temporary instalations, or for rented studios and rooms. 
(fixing already incorporated on the panel)

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