Nguồn phát SACD T+A PDP 3000 HV

Nguồn kỹ thuật số
531.300.000 ₫

PDP 3000 HV
DSD/PCM Player

The PDP 3000 HV is the most sophisticated player in the HV series, and has been developed specifically to reproduce high-resolution audio data without any trace of compromise. For this reason we have equipped the machine with a uniquely superior disc mechanism which reads CD and SACD media perfectly, and transfers their data to its superb PCM and DSD converters. To convert PSM data we are using our superb Double-Differential Quadrupel Converter and for the conversion of DSD data up to DSD 512 we have even develop a new technology: the unique T+A True 1-bit DSD Converter, a genuine analogue single bit converter. Since this unique converter concept is ideal for use with external sources, we have also designed the PDP 3000 HV to operate as a DAC, featuring seven digital inputs! This technology is unparalleled on the world market and explains the huge number of excellent reviews for our DPD 3000 HV.

Like all HV devices the PDP 3000 HV incorporates no ferro-magnetic materials; it is constructed entirely of pure aluminium, and contains aluminium dividers which separate five compartments housing the disc mechanism with decoder board and digital inputs, the D/A converter with analogue output stage, the analogue mains power supply, the digital mains power supply and – in the solid front panel – the control section with its ultra-bright screen and sensor buttons.
The core of the PDP 3000 HV is the Double-Differential-Quadrupel digital /analogue converter for PCM files up to  384 kSps and the T+A True 1-bit DSD Converter for DSD files up to DSD 512. 
The signals pass through our equally unique jitter-reduction stage, which receives the data from the CD / SACD mechanism block or the seven digital inputs, before being processed by the converters. The USB input is equipped with one of the latest USB interfaces, and is capable of reproducing PCM and DSD audio data of the highest quality; DSD data are passed directly to the converter modules. The current / voltage transducers which are downstream of the D/A converter are crucial to sound quality, and they are of fully discrete, channel-separate construction, and equipped with our HV technology, as are the analogue output stages.
The PDP 3000 HV’s high-quality SACD mechanism is fully shielded and housed in a machined solid aluminium case, in order to prevent any trace of interaction between the moving parts of the mechanism and the rest of the player.

The disc carrier block is mounted on just two close-tolerance pushrods which completely de-couple it from the heavy outer case. This in turn prevents the transmission of external pressure waves, vibration or structural sound from the mounting surface to the electronics and disc mechanism. A high-torque synchronous motor moves the disc carrier block smoothly and quietly by means of a precision-made de-coupled spindle. The top-loader mechanism makes it easy to insert discs without damaging them; they are held in place by an anti-resonance puck.The socket array on the back panel reflects the symmetrical construction of the case and the overall circuit design. The analogue output stages pass their signals directly to the professional-standard XLR or RCA output sockets for PCM and DSD operation. Below them – behind the lower compartment – are the digital input sockets, the HV bus, the LAN socket and the separate sockets for the analogue and digital mains power supplies.