dCS Vivaldi DAC


Vivaldi DAC

 The unique design of the legendary dCS Ring DAC™ combines exceptional linearity with very high speed operation enabling it to deliver true 24 bit performance even at low signal levels.  The latest generation of our Ring DAC™ incorporates a number of important technical advances that have resulted in it offering enhanced dynamic range, reduced jitter, improved channel separation and greatly improved musical realism.

Vivaldi DAC nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

 The powerful digital processing platform of Vivaldi DAC is based around Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chips and a microcontroller system. All of these use code developed and maintained in the UK by dCS. Vivaldi DAC represents true state-of-the-art in digital audio by offering twice the logic capacity of previous generations, emphasised by its unmatched sonic and measured performance.

Vivaldi DAC nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

 DCS were pioneers in the use of external clocks in digital audio systems and the redesigned multi-stagePhase-Locked-Loop (PLL) system used in Vivaldi DAC sets world-beating standards for accuracy and control of troublesome jitter from the incoming audio stream.

 Vivaldi DAC features standard AES3, Dual AES, SDIF-2 and SPDIF inputs in addition to an asynchronous USB 2.0 interface. The enhanced digital volume control allows direct connection to a power amplifier so that in the majority of systems there is then no need for a separate preamplifier. Maximum output can be set at either two or six volts to suit different amplifier and speaker combinations.

Vivaldi DAC nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Featuring a completely new interface designed to handle all high resolution musical formats up to DXD (24 bit data at 352.8 and 384kS/s) plus DSD, the optimised DSP filters available to Vivaldi DAC owners will ensure you can extract every last nuance of musical detail and feeling and tune the system to suit your personal preference.

The dCS ‘soft’ approach to programmable logic makes it extremely easy for users to update Vivaldi DAC software, whether adding new features, installing performance upgrades or adapting to changes in digital formats.

Vivaldi DAC nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Used as a standalone DAC or as part of a complete Vivaldi digital audio playback system Vivaldi DAC gives a performance of effortless realism each and every time.



  • Utilising the latest generation dCS Ring DAC™ which offers state of the art measured and musical performance
  • Designed for maximum flexibility and accepting audio data from a variety of digital sources.
  • Flexible output configuration can be optimised in systems with and without pre-amplifiers.
  • Comprehensive clocking architecture plus an auto clocking mode used in Vivaldi range improves ease of use and minimises jitter.
  • USB interface allows easy connection to a computer, accepting PCM data at up to 24/192 and DOP (DSD over PCM). The interface runs in Asynchronous USB mode, which makes the DAC immune to jitter from the typical computer’s noisy clock.
  • Improved power supplies give lower running temperature and improved tolerance to AC supply variations.
  • Multi-stage regulation ensures sensitive analogue circuitry is not affected by digital interference.
  • Features separate power circuits for the digital and analogue sections to further enhance the power supply cleanliness.
  • Aerospace grade machined aluminum chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduce magnetic effects and vibration.