Loa Dynaudio Evidence Center


Evidence Center

For an all-Evidence multi-channel system

The Evidence Center was developed specifically to allow for a truly impressive all-Evidence multi-channel setup, incorporating the same innovative technology, unparalleled cabinet construction and luxurious finish characteristic of Dynaudio’s flagship loudspeaker range.

It matches best with the Evidence Master and Evidence Temptation models.

This is the first center channel speaker where choices of materials, craftsmanship and performance have been lavished at the exalted Evidence level. First-rate film productions and fine multi-channel recordings reach a new dimension through the Dynaudio Evidence.

The Evidence Center is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of modern multi-channel recordings:

Dynaudio’s many years of direct involvement with professional recording studios around the world substantiated that in a modern multi-channel system all loudspeakers should be of the same high quality and meet the complex requirements this entails. In the most demanding recordings, the center channel is increasingly put at the heart of the sound stage.

Through these requirements it follows that the Evidence Center shares the same construction and design principles as the Evidence Master and Temptation.

This is immediately obvious from the solid aluminum baffle of the middle section into which two close-tolerance matched coated soft dome tweeters and two symmetrically arranged mid range drivers featuring Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) speaker cone material are perfectly integrated.