Dây nguồn Ax Angel (2m)

Dây dẫn
7.200.000 ₫


Nordost has always emphasized the importance of power. AC power is what drives your equipment, whether it be a hifi audio system or a pro audio set up. The quality of music that is generated from any device is directly determined by the caliber of power cord which is facilitating this transfer of raw electricity. It is for this precise reason that the first cable introduced to Nordost’s Pro Audio line is the Ax Angel Power Cord.

The Ax Angel Power Cord uses many of the proprietary technologies that separate Nordost from their competition, including Nordost’s Micro Mono-Filament technology which reduces insulation contact by 80%, therefore improving mechanical damping, and Nordost’s unique technique of high performance FEP extrusion, greatly reducing dielectric properties and propagation delay. The result is the ideal AC cable for your Pro Audio system. The Ax Angel Power Cord delivers remarkable dynamic range, superior sound, and extremely low noise levels from your Pro Audio equipment